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Originally Posted by Nadine View Post
We are looking for a sightseeing tour and have found two: "Best of Roatan Island Tour" and "Island Tour". Has anyone done either of these and would you recommend it? These are both Celebrity excursions.
One is a boat ride through Dixon Cove Harbour. The other is Botanical Gardens, shopping, etc.
Also, what is the Garifuna experience?

Just got back from Roatan and was mostly diving there but can answer some of your questions and offer my 2p's worth. Here is the best diving site for Roatan online Roatan Diving Packages : Roatan Scubadiving | Roatan Cruise | Roatan Tours you can find some info there on the best dive shops etc, and if you are cruising then you will need to book up in advance to get a free pickup at the dock ! So do that if you are interested in diving. And you should at least snorkle. This is the best of Roatan in my eyes. The garifuna experience is a dance and it might just happen in restaurants or like the other guy said at the dock. I don't think this is on my list. Apart from the diving or snorkeling I would head for doing some zip and dip or just go to a great beach for the morning and then mill around west end. There is an island tour which might allow you do snorkeling and the best beaches. If your not up for ziplining then you can go on a boat around the eastern end of Roatan.
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