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Default Car radios.
I have an old work truck. As many of you know I do landscaping and outside type work. My Pickup is....well a little dirty most of the time. Last August my radio went out. I bought a new one and installed it myself. The radio has SD and USB, plus the normal CD and radion buttons.
I usually do not listen to the radio, too many bad area.

I am amazed how many songs you can get on a micro sd card. The card is about the size of a thumb nail. I get about 325 songs on a 1 gb card. That is a lot of music. I could put a 32 gb card in there but I don't think I have that much music.

I still remember my first computer with the old 5 1/4 floppys and a 5 or 10 mb hard drive.

I am amazed!
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