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Default Vanila...YES
I don't know how many bottles I have bought as gifts and my wife uses. In fact, she came today and said it it time to book another cruise, because we are down to the last bottle...and I almost gave it away.

They have a special bottler for Los Cincols Soles and we love their stuff. You will find Xel-Hal at Viva Mexico. Don't forget to buy your "Mexican Survival Kit" at Viva Mex...which is a nice ready made kit of souvenirs.

I love Los Cincos Soles and have found that for nicer gifts, they often have the best price in town. I bout some of the little Manger Scenes two year ago, and after shopping at a dozen stores, found them for five dollars cheaper at LCS. Yeah they are one of the "Cruise Ship Recommended Stores" but I will also give my personal rec, great

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