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Would you like some cheese with all that whining? I've been on over 60 Royal Caribbean Cruises and one of my favorite ships is the Mariner of the Seas. Never ever had an assistant room attendant - never smelled coffee that smelled like cigarette smoke anywhere on any ship. I like good food, and very rarely have any complaints on a cruise ship. I can always find something I like in Windjammer because there is such a large selection of food--there would have to be something wrong with a person that couldn't walk past the Windjammer with out their stomach churning. While in a port I always come back to the ship for lunch unless I'm on an excursion which usually includes something to eat and drink. If I ever have to pay for a meal while off the ship in some port, I'm certainly not going to blame the ship for my unforeseen expense.

As far and the internet on the Mariner being slow, do you actually think it's faster on another cruise line? It's hard for me to believe that anyone would think an ice show wouldn't be professional--but then takes all kinds. Maybe you're just to high class for cruising. I'm just a little confused why you would even bother spending the time to write a post just to irritate people like me that love to cruise--especially after it's been 3 months since the last Mexican Riviera Cruise sailed by the Mariner?