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Not to drift too much here, but Carnival has assistant Stewards. I think the main Steward shares tips with them. They mostly bring things like ice and make the bed, vacuum etc. They don't have as much interaction with the guests as the main Steward does though. Sometimes you don't even know about them if you are at dinner etc.

I had the nicest assistant Stewardess once. She had helped service the cabin while I was at breakfast. I went down to the cabin to get something and she was there cleaning. Much later, 2am she was in the casino cleaning the slot machines. She recognized me and ask if everything was alright with my cabin and did I need any ice tonight? She would also empty my ashtray in the casino. Needless to say I tipped her extra besides what I gave the Main Steward to share. I'll never forget her, she called me Mr. Dwon.