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I'm with SonnyV on this one-it doesn't appear that crusing will be high on your list of next vacations, and that is fine. To each their own. Since this appears, or sounds like, your second cruise (that being your first and last), it would seem to me that maybe an "All-Inclusive" vacation resort would be more to your liking. Mariner is still my wife's and my favorite ship; with good food and a wide selection, and generally great service. Tipping is supposed to be what YOU want to give. Tip a lot, or not at all; it's YOUR call. We were just on Liberty last Sept, and the internet access, although expensive, was excellent. We were able to scype with our daughter in Memphis, Tenn. from the middle of the ocean on an Eastern cruise. I've spent way more than what you state for a 7 day vacation, travel, room-and-board, food, etc., and I have the same size family you state. Nobody said that a cruise was cheap; not if you paid attention to any of the postings here; reserach whatever you choose to do on a vacation. If you are surprised by EVERYTHING that happened on a vacation, you clearly weren't paying attention.

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