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Originally Posted by macmom111 View Post
I spend about 100 bucks a day while on the ship in the casino. lol just not with my card in the slot. oh well.
Dwayne thanks for the offer even tho we cant do it. that was very kind.
You are most welcome. Wow! You spend more than I do. Put your card in the slot! I just got the same thing said to me when I called the Player's Club a few weeks ago to let them know I was cruising again. My points had dropped so low I didn't think I would get any gifts this time. They took mercy on me and I'm still getting the Bon Voyage package plus bar credits.

I really believe they only use the cards to track your play for points, cash automation, and marketing specials like this one. I've been doing it since they started it and have not had any problems with it. Well, they can see what machine you are playing. That is good thing as you might get called up to spin the "Slot O' Prizes" wheel.

Just don't want you to miss out on the perks they offer like this one.