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We did Sitka a couple of years ago....took the city tour which wasn't much...we did see the Russian Dancers which was probably the highlight of the tour....went to a Russian church and more or less just drove around...The bus driver said for entertainment in Sitka, the locals drive around town one way, then reverse the car and drive around the other way...not much to see or do....but it's still Alaska..I'm heading to Alaska for my 4th trip up there, It's truly God's country...Up again to the White Pass Railway in Skagway:-) and having lunch at the Red Onion Saloon with some very nice people from Austrialia who I met on my Panama Canal cruise, they are on a different ship but just happened to book their cruise for the same time I booked mine...the world gets smaller all the time...Happy sailing and at least you will say that you've been to Sitka, Alaska....

Bob E
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