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Pam...I have been on 15 Carnival cruises...and when I hear a category like 8c...I scratch my head...but if you tell me Riviera deck inside forward...or even the cabin number I can look it up on a deck chart and see it..

I do always look at what is above me. Ask if it looks like it could be something that could cause a loud noise ( not get under the disco.)

Like I say, on my first cruise on the Conquest we were under the kitchen, and we did hear some noise. But, also know there are not a lot of things over the rooms that will cause a lot of noise.

But, I have been right next to the elevator and never heard a sound.

Also...know that the higher the deck, the better it is considered, but with elevators you can go anywhere. So the lower decks will be less, while decks near the Lido deck will have a higher rate.

I love cruising and since my first have found it is the only way to travel.


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