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Originally Posted by Jim C. View Post
I'd rather they just bump the prices instead of calling it a "surcharge".

The way they change the prices almost daily, what is another adjustment for the fuel cost going to matter? Its not going to keep me from cruising. Tim, if you refuse to cruise because the price of fuel is causing the price to go up (as in a surcharge or the fare increase) then why stop there? EVERYTHING you buy is affected by fuel costs. Unfortunately the cruse oil speculators are driving the oil prices up for no reason other than greed. It is killing our economy but I refuse to stop going on vacation because of it. Airfares have increased a lot because of fuel. Are you saying the cruise lines (and not just Carnival) should not adjust their prices to cover the increased costs as well?

Yes it is probably going to happen. But I hope it shows up in a increased fare cost and not a surcharge.

Oh and "Jabee" ... Welcome to the forum! I see you have replied to several posts but no one has given you a "Welcome Aboard" response... glad you have joined us!
If the fuel prices continue to rise the cruise lines most likely will add a fuel surcharge. I'm actually surprised they haven't already. By adding a fuel surcharge "to" the cruise fare, they gain the full value of what they add. They don't gain the full value by increasing the "actual" cruise fare, because they would be paying commission on that fare. I don't give much thought when cruise lines say they are raising rates April 1st. They'll just turn around a week later and have a sale. The mass market cruise lines; CCL, RCI, and NCL, are notorious for having the perpetual sale.

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