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Well clas, sounds like you had a miserable time and I am sorry to hear that. I always find it interesting when folks who do not prepare themselves for their cruise vacation complain about how everything costs so much money.

I did a little research for you and actually found on RC's web site under the "All about cruising tab" and the "New to cruising" tab readily available information regarding what is included in your cruise fare and what costs extra. In fact, it specifically states that alcohol costs extra and it mentions Johnny Rockets as being available for an additional cost. That took me all of about ten seconds to find that information and you can bet that before I went on my first cruise, I had read everything that I could find on the Royal Caribbean web-site regarding my upcoming trip. Next time, before you book any vacation, I would highly recommended that you do a little homework first, so you are not blind sided by extra costs that would be associated with any type of vacation. I also have another idea to combat those high wine/liquor prices...DON'T DRINK ALCOHOL!!! Also, bottled water is not free either, but somehow, maybe you could slum it with people like my wife and I and simply drink the free tap water.

Regarding people crowding around the gangways and such...there are multiple announcements warning passengers not to congregate in these areas prior to the announcement that will be made when the first tender is ready to leave. It sounds like you and your family simply ignored these warnings anyway. While I do agree that people can be quite rude when in a big crowd, I think it is reasonable for RC to expect passengers to behave in a civilized manner and it is not their fault that your daughter was frightened. If you cruise again, might I suggest that you simply heed the announcements and wait a few minutes before attempting to catch a tender. The lines usually die down rather quickly after the first 20 minutes or so.

You also stated that your toilet and tub were not cleaned. Might I ask at what time you entered your stateroom? Theoretically, you aren't supposed to go to them before 2:00pm on embarkation day, and it is possible that your stateroom attendant hadn't finished your room yet. If it was after 2:00pm I can certainly understand why an unscrubbed toilet could ruin your trip.

I know that I have laid on the sarcasm pretty thick in this post, but it always amazes me how people who have poor planning skills always blame the cruise line. I do know that it is very possible to have a bad experience or two while on a cruise, but to just cast aspersions at RC like the original poster did goes a bit too far in my opinion. A cruise vacation is what you make of it and any time you are in a large space (and yes I do mean large), with over 5000 other people (including crew members on the Voyager, of course), you should expect a few hiccups.

I do hope that you will try cruising again, and if you do, I think if you do a little more homework, you will be much happier the next time around.

God bless you all,