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Holland America and Carnival charge for bottled water and wine too. That isn't exclusive territory for Royal Caribbean. I've also stood in long lines on Carnival cruises, and since all cruise lines use the same internet provider the service is no different on any line. It can be slow because you are using a satellite link. I've had internet problems on every cruise line I've ever sailed with at one time or another.

The most laborious muster drill I ever experienced was on Holland America. Royal Caribbean pioneered the elimination of bringing life jackets to the drill, and the other lines have followed suit.

Taking food that is not pre-packaged, processed food, off of a ship is against local health and agricultural laws in virtually all countries. This is not the fault of Royal Caribbean. I do agree that the cruise line people who answer the phones or go on-line are not a good source of correct information. On the other hand, we are.

So to summarize, don't take one cruise on Royal Caribbean and then use it to broad-brush the entire line, or even the entire industry. Perhaps your cruise was one that was 'off' for whatever reasons. It happens.