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I must admit that even after my somewhat mean spirited post, you actually showed some class and made me feel kind of bad for responding the way I did. It's just that we see drive by posters on here all the time trying to disparage the reputation of one cruise line or another because they had a single bad experience. That is quite frustrating, since this is obviously a forum that is largely populated by folks who love to cruise.

I may have read your post in the wrong tone and I for that I am sorry. That being said, I think that the advice that has been given to you by everyone else regarding cruising on a smaller ship is spot on. I have found the smaller ships to be quite friendly with a different atmosphere than the large ones. However, you must be realistic about waiting in line and crowds and everything that goes along with being on a ship with thousands of strangers. It does have its drawbacks, but the good, generally outweighs the bad by a long shot.

I hope you consider cruising again. Next time, before you cruise, get on the forums here and read until you can't read anymore. There is a wealth of information here that you cannot find anywhere else.

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