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Default Thanks Brad
I will do that Brad. I felt like I did read until I couldn't read anymore, but you just can't cover all the bases, no matter how much you read or how many questions you ask.

I try to be a positive person, and I sure didn't let my wonderful kids and grands see any disappointment. All they saw was me laughing constantly and bending over backwards to make their cruise a trip of a lifetime.

My expectations were just set a little too high. The ship was just a little too big. There were just a few too many problems. The ship was at capacity.

I didn't realize this board and Cruise Critic board is made up of mostly die hard cruisers, but that makes sense now. wonder I got blasted. My bad! And maybe cruising is just not my bag, but I surely understand how it could be for many people.

What's funny is that I didn't even mention three other major problems because I felt like I had said enough. I just think the Voyager staff was overwhelmed.

Bottom line: We made some great memories. The bad will fade away. I'm thankful for these boards where basically novice cruisers can come and ask questions and get straight answers. I hope it doesn't become a place where people can't discuss problems they encountered for fear of inflaming
people who love cruising and can't tolerate anyone saying a negative word.