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Clas, I'm so sorry to hear of your problems. I tend to agree that a smaller ship might be better and I do pray you won't give up cruising. Believe me, when I posted some negative comments about the Solstice, the board wasn't too happy with me. However, I will remember the experience and not spend my money on Celebrity again. I can totally enjoy other lines, but I will NEVER not cruise again, Lord willing.

I, too, realize that the Solstice was a relatively new ship. I, too, felt the staff was a bit overwhelmed. However, there were so many positives about the ship and the ports that it made up for the things I didn't like. I will continue to try cruise lines I haven't tried before, too. I had never sailed on Celebrity and was a little surprised, too. I have to admit, Princess is still my favorite line.

I do believe that some of the things you posted really weren't the cruise line's fault, though. Internet on board, well...let's just say I won't use it. I don't drink bottled water because I think it's a waste of money. That being said, if I'm in a port, I will take a bottle with me or buy one in port. Usually, the bottled water in port is less expensive than on board. Alcohol is expensive on any ship. We tried the drink package on the Solstice and found it was a total waste of money. Lesson learned, we'll purchase our drinks by the order. I am surprised about the shower and toilet, perhaps it was stained? It would seem strange, though. Next time (which I hope there is a next time), call the purser's desk. If they still don't rectify the problem, then go down to the desk and ask to speak to the hotel manager. Sometimes you have to be a little persistent, especially on the large ships.

We have sailed on the Epic, which is the same size as the Oasis and Allure, just a little bit less wide. We also sailed on the Emerald Princess, the Solstice, the Magica, and the Mediterranea which were good size ships. I personally prefer the ships with 1900-2600 passenger size. You get more than that and the lines get a little overwhelming. Some people are just rude and think only of themselves, this is not the cruise line's fault. I do believe that upper management has decided that the bottom line is all that matters, thus the size of the ships today. However, they didn't take into consideration that not all people will behave like humans when they are on a cruise. I truly believe that this was your problem more than the cruise line itself.

Please don't think we're being mean, because we're not. We are cruise addicts and as such take to heart when someone has a bad cruise. We really want everyone to love it as much as we do. I'm like Brad, a month before my cruise I'm useless. Well, actually, the whole time I'm not on board I'm thinking about being on board.

I do hope the good memories will outweigh the bad and you'll try it again. Maybe not RCI, maybe not a big ship, but don't forget the beautiful sunrises, the amazing beaches, the warm sun, and the wonderful peace of the ocean.