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Clas, it is a shame that you ran in to so many problems on your first cruise. I can understand how that could give you a negative opinion of all cruises. However, I do hope you will try again!

We have cruised RCCL, Celebrity, and Princess. Our first Princess cruise was on the Coral Princess. If that had been our first cruise ever, I would have felt much like you do. The crew was impolite and the guest relations desk was the worst of all. We were convinced that we wouldn't do Princess again.

THEN, our friends invited us to do another Alaskan cruise on Princess. This time it was the Golden Princess and it was one of our best cruises ever! Totally opposite experience--great crew, helpful guest relations personnel, etc. I am so glad we did this cruise because we would not hesitate to use Princess again.

I guess what I am trying to say is that there may be lemons on every cruise line, but it doesn't reflect on the whole line. Hopefully the powers-that-be read the comment cards and take action to remedy any legitimate complaints.

We have been on twelve cruises now and look forward to planning for another one in January.

I hope, by now, that you have had a chance to look at your pictures and remember all the good memories that you made with your family. Those are priceless!