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Default Differences between Carnival Sensation and RCCL Monarch
Hi everyone...I am looking for opinions from some veteran cruisers. I am looking at 2 Bahama cruises and not sure which would be the better choice? The first is on RCCL Monarch..4 nights, we will be in an inside room (i heard very small); the second is Carnival Sensation, 4 nights, inside room. I will be traveling with my hubby, 4 teens, and my daughter's family (hubby and 6 month baby). I have cruised only 1 other time and that was with RCCL on the Navigator and loved it. I understand that the Monarch is nothing like the Navigator. Also, I heard that Monarch will be drydocked this that true and what does that exactly mean? Sorry for all the questions, but I am still new to cruising. If someone could give me more info than what I requested i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks