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Clas, I'm sorry, too, for the problems you encountered. Since this was your 4th cruise, I assume cruises 1, 2 and 3 were nice enough that you wanted to go on #4. We know that many people, including many on this discussion board, sail Royal Caribbean repeatedly, which no one would do if the problems you encountered were typical of that cruise line.

As you mentioned, the most important part of your cruise was the time you spent with your family. I agree with everyone else that if your previous cruises didn't "cure" you of cruising, you probably do enjoy going on cruises. Royal Caribbean screwed up. It's up to you whether to give them another try on another ship, or the same ship, or try a completely new cruise line, or go back to the cruise lines you enjoyed previously. We're all hoping you keep cruising because we know that odds are, your next cruise will be at least as terrific as your first 3. You are an experienced cruiser, and you know from your previous cruises that the Voyager cruise was not typical.

Thanks for coming back to read all the replies posted to your original message. We really appreciate that you weren't a "drive-by" poster!