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Default worse scam of my life. i lost my honeymoon
please whatever u do dont fall for CARRIBEAN CRUISE LINE . i got the free cruise voucher in the mail. i am a student in training and getting married so i thought it would be the perfect opportunity for my honeymoon. i called they convinced me to upgrade and get 3 days in the bahamas witht the cruise an few other options. they wouldnt hang up and kept adding options till they convinced me and i apid 900 for 2 persons. i have been trying to schedule my honeymoon 3 months ahead of time. they assured me taht they booked te date i wanted. when i called to recheck turned out the guy booked the wrong date. i had to change my tickets and loose that money. then i called again and he said the dates are not availbla anymore, i was very upset cus its my honeymoon and i bought the ticket so he said he was sorry and he will get the right dates. i made him repeat the dates 5 times. he refused to send any emails confirmation or mail me papers cus it is against policy. i called today cus i just couldnt trust them anymore and the dates are closer and u have no papers. it turned out, he booked a different month. i was horrified. they refused to refund me, they dont have anymore cruises on that day and they dont want to do anything to compensate. how can one person mess up 3 times and nbody wants to be responsible? i have no honeymoon, no money to book another one.
please dont fall for them, they need to be shot down. i am taking this to lawyers and plan to get my money back but pls if u have any questions , i can answer and give u specific names of people who screwed up
this is the first review i write in my life but i felt obligated to share