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Originally Posted by MCPayne View Post
Hi everyone.

I'm not sure what thread to post this in, but thought I would post it here, since some of us fly to embarkation ports.

I had my first experience with a full body scanner at an airport recently. This trip was non-cruise related. For me personally, this was easy. The agent just asked if I had anything in my pockets, which I did (my wallet). They just had me take it out, and hold it in one had, with my hands up while the full body scanner operated, which is all of 2 seconds. After, I just handed my wallet to a TSA official, who looked at it quickly, then gave it back. Not sure if there was something in there that triggered the scanner, but there was no problem.

Just thought I would share my experience with that, as I've heard some people aren't too thrilled with the full body scan.
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A scanner would not bother me. I think some people make too much of them.
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