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Hey Gang,

I have been through the scanner at least a half-a-dozen times since they started using them last year and it is really no big deal at all. It is simple and really quite fast and if it makes all of us safer during our travels, then that is OK with me. I really don't care is some pervert at TSA wants to stare at a weird looking computer generated image of my body. I find it interesting that some folks who wear almost nothing while at the beach complain about these scanners.

I ask everyone reading this to ponder a scenario for a moment...imagine if these scanners had been available prior to 9/11 and the TSA had not adopted them due to public backlash. Everyone would be screaming for someone's head...saying how the tragedy could have been prevented by their use, etc, etc. Sometimes, our government is in a no win situation when trying to balance individual rights with the greater good. Just remember, the bottom line here is that the ability to fly commercially in our country is a privilege, not a right, and if you don't like the scanners, then don't fly.

Please don't anyone misunderstand me...I am all about individual rights, but to me, this is not worth having a constitutional argument over.

Take care,


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