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Let me be the fly in the ointment here...

There are issues with the radiation dose received from the scanners that need to be resolved. Even the TSA admits they were incorrect about the dose and there are problems with their machine calibrations, yet they continue to be vague when discussing it. They would have been better off not going with the backscatter machines because of the radiation issue, and should have stuck with the millimeter wave scanners. As a radiation protection professional I will tell anyone that 'any radiation exposure, not matter how slight, may cause adverse health effects'. In the case of the backscatter machines, they give a shallow dose to the skin and many in the health physics community do not agree that the exposure received is as safe as TSA claims.

I don't like it, but I'll do it since I have no other choice if I must fly commercial. I'm certainly not going to launch some protest at the checkpoint or be a difficult passenger.
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