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Hey cdcdguy
Was on the Equinox (sister ship to the Solstice) last year. We stayed in an AquaClass cabin. The bathroom was exquisite - it had a shower that contained different sprayers (head, body etc), aromatherapy lotions/bath products, pure heaven! The glass doors worked well - did not have any flood. The furnishings in the cabin was beige leather - this was also a nice touch; no stinky cloth sofas... The balcony also had nice and very comfortable seating. Staying in this class you had unlimited access the the relaxation room and the persian garden, which we used every day. no children there - actualy not very many people used it at all. Other than the AquaClass guests, only patrons that had spa treatments on the same day had access. So all in all, a very nice place to veg & watch the world go by (ahh, just thinking of it - got to do again). I would recommend these ships in a heart-beat.
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