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You won't miss Mazatlan. Theres really nothing there except stuff to buy that you can get anywhere else. The wife and I have been to Mexico 2 times and we are going again in Sept of this year and I hope they cancel Mazatlan and replace it with an extra nite in Cabo. Much prettier port, although the locals can be a bit aggressive with their sales tactics. I would be happy going to Cabo for 2 nites and maybe check out the night life or at least just relax on the ship and enjoy the scenery. When we booked this cruise we had allready decided we weren't getting off the boat in Mazatlan and it had nothing to do with the drug lords and crime. It's just an ugly port and town. More fun to stay on the boat and have your pick of lounge chairs and relax. If you do go and want to do an excursion in Cabo check out the Americas cup sailing adventure. You sail on one of 2 Anericas Cup sailing boats that were used in the races. We did it the last time we went 2 yrs ago and had a blast. It's a hands on sail and you actually race the other ship. Lots of fun.