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Originally Posted by penny3333 View Post
Wish you had been with us when we were on the Holiday. We went to a beach hotel that had been heavily damaged by the hurricane. It was really a nice place, though. They had a pool, restaurant/bar, tables with umbrellas and chairs, and a cool place to snorkel. You jumped in and the current slowly took you down the reef area. It was just really nice as it was not crowded at all.

I'm sure they've completed rebuilding by now, so it's probably not like it was.
Wish I could have went too. It's hard for me to leave work during our tourist season. Which is mainly when school is out. I'm sure I would have had a blast. Especially you, Jim, and me in the casino!

The one thing about Paradise Beach that is not very good is the snorkeling. It's really not suited for it at all. All else is great though.
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