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f-Mattox, we enjoyed Anytime Dining on Princess in February and the charge was added, as you say, each day. After being on the ship a couple of days, I realized that I did not get a receipt in some cases when ordering a drink at the pool, or on one occasion, for a bottle of wine. I do like to have my receipts just as a reference point to check the ending tab later on. Since I did not have all my receipts, I went to passenger services and asked for a copy of my charges. Things on Princess are done a little differently than our last trip on RCI. Princess has the charges kept seperately for each person in the cabin. Sooooo, I came away with pages for each of us...As I scanned them later in the evening, I found that there were charges of $10.50 on each of our pages..I found them appearing in the early morning hours and immediatley thought that someone was charging on our accounts. I was almost at the point of heading to the desk to find out what was going on when the light bulb suddenly went on....Seperate gratuity charges for each of our billings were being done...Oh, would I have been embarrased to be standing in the line asking for an explanation of someone charging on my account. First time doing open dining and we found it worked very well for us.


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