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Originally Posted by CruiseDad View Post
So no one is being fooled this time. I've been watching a july cruise out of Charleston and while I have not kept any stats on it yet - when I went on the Sale I thought it was higher than the last time I looked. I will need to start keeping score to be sure I get the best deal. I never see the military discount on the web anymore do they still do it sometimes? We always call after looking at the web, just in case we can talk a better deal. Also watching a New Year Eve cruise and that went up during the sale. Buyer beware I guess
For April Fool's Day - "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

I really think it is because a lot of us experienced cruisers have caught on to these so called sales and have learned to do the math.

I think the last time they had the Military special for booking multiple cabins was back in November. I am not certain though. I couldn't find the military rates listed on either. I am not military, but some of my cruise friends are. They tell me that they have to ask their Travel Agent or PVP for the rates, and that not every sailing has them.