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Default First Time Cruisers - Solstice
Hi there

Me and my Fiancee are having our honeymoon on the Celebrity Solstice in Spet 2011. Weve never been on a cruise before but know a few people who cruise all the time. They have told us the Celebriy Cruises are out of this world.

I wondered if you could help ease some of my worries please.

Smart evenings (Tux / Dark Suit) Will i be ok in a normal suit with a tie or does it have to be a dark suit? The last thing i want to do is stand out like a soar thumb because im dressed properly.

Every other night do i need to wear a shirt and trousers? Tie?

Can i wear jeans any night?

Can i wear jeans on an evening around the ship apart from at dinner?

When the boat docks at each port, if im not booked on an excursion is there a bus that drops you into the centre of places or do i need to sort taxis?

Ive probably got loads of other questions but ill leave it at that for now.

Any responses would be greatly appreciated and dont worry about offending me i have broad shoulders :-)

Thanks in advance