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Default Just got Back! OASIS E. Carib - Random Thoughts / Any Questions?
Did the March 26 - April 2 Cruise. I'll try to answer any questions.
Random thoughts:
Big boat, rooms fine, food -no complaints for what you expect, toilets flush nice, getting aboard is A LOT FASTER than getting off, main deck (5) is like a live shopping channel, shows OK - corny like all these places, also lots of corny activities, lots of ways to spend more money, deck chairs by pool are like a sardine can, people from all over the world, mostly nice, cabin attendants a little too intrusive, guard you table at the buffet, get to the first formal night - free champagne, also free champagne at the art auctions,
anything goes on fromal nights white tuxes to t-shirts, brought a sports jacket & wore it for an hour each formal night, islands are nice for a walk-off, weather was great, don't try to sneak liquor on board,
for sick jokes, keep asking people to "press Deck 13 " on the elevators, and say "good morning Sir" to all the staff all day long , no matter what time it is...
found it all a bit repetitive by the end, ...OK, but won't be rushing back for another cruise... maybe I'm missing something.
About the 4th day I started singing the lyrics to the Beach Boys "Sloop John B" song over & over to myself...