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Default Diamond ring - buying advice?
Ok. We bought a diamond ring at Diamonds International (the Wal-Mart / McDonalds of jewelery stores!) in St. Martin.

I know absolutely nothing about diamond rings by looking at them (and I'm convinced most people don't.)

I was lucky enough to run into a cruise-savy girl who expained to me how the discount system worked, based on the number (the price?) in the tag on the ring. So, the price of the ring was "X" dollars, and right away the guy was down to less than half that amt. I borrowed his calculator, and worked out the lowest price the girl said they would likely go to.

So I offererd the guy 10% less than that again. He went to check with the boss ( haha just like a used car salesman!) & came back & said "OK".
So I got the ring for like, 25% of the first "cost" (or like, 75% off)

How the heck do I know if I got ripped off or not??

AND ANOTHER THING: Why is there this crazy system of starting at a price of say $25000 for example, and then you end up getting it for $999!!!

If these places are so legit & offering such good deals - why not just put the price on it of $999 - that's it! no haggling , no bargaining. Just like McDonalds or Wal-Mart!! why this haggling system?????
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