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Thanks Brad & Peter!
Maybe I'm just a 'landlubber' at heart.
But don't get me wrong...I'ved lived all my life on a (small) island in the North (unfortunately!) I do see the sea in all her raging & other glories everyday! (We've been fishing here in fishing "boats" for over 500 years now ... that's why I call everything on the water , including behemoths like the Oasis , "boats", not "ships".)
We even have a popular song here: "Thank God We're Surrounded By Water!" (sample lyrics" The sea, oh the sea, the wonderful sea. Long may she roam between nations & me...")
We have cruise ships in here all the time with guys - like you I guess - just to be on the ocean & visit somewhere different. Yes, I've done the all-inclusives etc. and each vacation has it's own joys AND hassles!
Thanks for sharing your views . it's nice to know. It's like everything, I guess:
"To Each His Own"
Me? My next vacation wil probably? be back in sunny Florida ... where we can choose IF we wnat stay in alone OR go out to dinner; we can just hop in the rental car & go whereever; go play some golf or tennis; go find a crowd OR avoid one; go to the liquor store & buy an $8 BOTTLE of wine (haha); go play some golf or tennis; go for a walk or jog on the BEACH...etc...
now,,, what were those hassles ...???
Anyway I too have to get to the saltwater mines this morning!
"Fair Winds & Happy Sailing, Mates! "