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Everyone has a different perspective. I loved reading about your everyday surroundings. For people who live on the ocean, do they long for a change of surroundings when on vacation, perhaps to the mountains or at least dry land? And for those of us who can't see the ocean every day, is our change of scene automatically near water? Perhaps so!

The appeal of a cruise for me is not so much to actually be ON the ocean, although I do love watching it go by from an outdoor lounge chair. The appeal to me is the variety of things to do, to see, to eat, to watch, all contained in one container. I can take advantage of as much or as little as I like, still have time and space for brisk walks or exercise classes, or for doing what I don't get to do in my everyday life, like sit and read. Plus, this container goes places, so I can see a variety of places without the hassle of repeatedly packing, unpacking, traveling between cities or islands, checking in, checking out.

I'm not much for water sports, so Caribbean cruises have been less interesting to me in the last several years than some of the more interesting sightseeing cruises, sailing among the Greek Islands or to many stops on the Black Sea, or the Hawaiian islands, etc. I've really appreciated spending most days exploring interesting places, and then going "home" to some great food and an evening at leisure. Waking up in a new country each morning holds endless appeal for me.

Cruising is not everyone's first choice of vacation, and even those who love cruising, as I do, opt for land based vacations on occasion. It's wonderful to have so many choices.