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I agree, most of us don't know enough about purchasing a diamond and must rely on the trustworthyness of the seller. I think, because it is the islands that some merchants do expect it from the tourists? It does help to purchase that sort of item from a large company such as some of them that are recommended by the cruise lines. I know that there is the feeling that they get a kick for doing this. It does help also to buy from one of these companies on the islands as that is where the savings can be taken advantage of. I like it that some have a US presence and I can go to them (and I have) if there is an issue with the purchase. It was a faulty lock on something and was taken care of and no cost to me on the shipping either. Also, getting an apprasial is very important as well and I have also used a local company to take a look at what I bought to see if it was actually worth the value as stated - it was. So far, so good on our purchases over the years!!


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