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Default rude pvp
I booked a cruise yesterday, 2 rooms fully paid. I had a pvp that we had worked with for about 7 cruises until he was very rude to us during my triumph booking.
after that I would find the cruise I want, call carnival and book the cruise with the first person that answers the booking line. Thats what I did, very very nice gentleman.
Then this morning the pvp that I booked the 7 cruises with called and wanted to know why I called carnival yesterday. I told him I booked a cruise. He asked me if I wanted his extension if we book again, I told him no, I dont think so. HE HUNG UP ONE ME. Not enjoy your cruise, have a nice day, go jump in a lake, good bye, nothing just hung the phone up.
I didnt call him, he called me. and then hangs up on me because He didn t hear what he wanted. I am so angry, I called and complained to his manager and will follow up with a letter.