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The Manager that I spoke with said that if you have ever registered on that it sends an alert to a pvp, and that is where it is coming from. I dont know enough about computers to know if what he said is true or not. Also if you call to inquire about anything the first thing they ask is your phone number and that is used for follow up calls. the person that asks for the phone number say they need it if you get disconnected. The manager said to not get these calls to just not give them your number, it is not required.

I think times are getting tough everywhere and people are fighting very hard for the almighty dollar and that is what caused this pvp to be rude. He made it very plain when he hung up the phone that my booking with carnival I was not a guest, I WAS A NUMBER WITH A PAYCHECK. plain and simple...I would book on line but then I would go back in the system because they have my phone number. I am going to look into travel agents to book with.