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I do hope y'all enjoy Aruba, however, I'll bet you'll be wishing you had done a cruise instead. It is addictive and it does take time to save up. That's why I usually book a year in advance so I know what my target is. You're so right, every time I think I've booked a superior cruise, someone else writes about theirs. I know I need to try the Oasis or Allure, but prices are definitely going to have to come down for me.

I'm very happy to be going back to Princess this year, it just feels like going home. I wish I could afford to try a new line or ship plus do Princess and Costa each year, but I can't. Oh well, maybe some day

At least reading the reviews here and reading of other's experiences, you can get ideas of ships/itineraries to try. I pray you and your hubby will have many, many, many years of being able to try out all of these marvelous cruises!