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Hugs...I have been on the Sensation three times and had a super time all three cruises. They are short and sweet and handy for us in Florida to take without too much planning. The only problem we encountered is very long, slow lines at the lido buffet, but I don't think anyone has ever or will ever starve on a ship! AND if you're in that big a hurry, try another line!

I did, however, have a very bad cruise on the Fascination last July. We had noisy, rude drunks for neighbors, a cabin steward that was nowhere to be found and ignored my repeated requests for ice and clean glasses, and a head waiter that was so rude to me the first evening that we didn't go back for the other 3 nights. And I was so mad, I wrote a review without any praise for the cruise (completely ignoring spending time with my dad, son and other friendly people on the ship, the weather was perfect, the ports of call great). All I did was complain about the stuff I hated. I complained to Guest Services and wrote a letter to Carnival when I returned home.

Of course, I got a letter of apology, blah, blah, but the main thing I did that made a big difference was I BOOKED ANOTHER CRUISE ON THE FASCINATION in October. This time, it was so much better. I think we had the best cabin steward anywhere and a head waiter that was a riot and wonderful neighbors. I just couldn't believe I'd had such a bad first cruise and a wonderful second cruise.

So, my point is that even if someone writes a review about a bad cruise, it doesn't mean every sailing is bad. I guess the crew have to put up with a lot and you can only imagine what it must be like to have several passengers assigned to you either in the dining room or cabins, that are mean-spirited or really demanding. It puts everyone in a foul mood and would certainly affect the crew's performance.

I've been on 19 cruises with Carnival and have two more booked (one next week - woo-hoo) and another in October. I am looking forward to them as much as I did my first cruise, maybe more. I also expect to have a wonderful time even if I read reviews where someone else didn't.

Make each cruise your own. If you have a bad experience, try it again. I still think reviews are good even with the bad. Kinda keeps us all humble!

Have a great time and write your own review when you get back.

Bon Voyage!

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