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I think Jim speaks for most people I know and that was the point I was trying to make. They pulled out of alot of US markets in search of higher returns and I understand that,but when you have to sell a 16 night cruise for 399 how can that be a higher return. Once you see the results make a change but no,they are sending the same amount of ships back in 2012. Even the Mariner doing 12 night sailings out of Rome are selling balcony cabins for under 1000 in June and July. We recieved a questionair from Royal last week reguarding Mexico so maybe changes are on the way.
We are doing the Liberty transatlantic in Oct and the most prohibitive part is the air,but with Royal supplementing it through Choice air we were able to get air from SF to Barcelona for under 600 and that is on British Airways. I have not priced what they are charging to get to the Mariner since we are not sailing on her but I am fairly sure it is some rediculousy low price because there having a heck of a time filling it up.The europeans are in worse shape than us. Mexico does't seem so bad when you see the alternitive.