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I don't know what the Tuesday special was, but today the lowest cabin on the 16day Brilliance isn't $399, it's much higher. A large portion of the cost being port fees and government taxes. That sailing has nine sea days. That's a lot of days for people to be spending money on casino, spa and beauty treatments, alcohol, internet, wine tastings, speciality restaurants, etc.

I wouldn't hesitate for one moment to sail out of Dubai. Vickie Freed, the VP of Sales for Royal Caribbean just sailed on the cruise herself. The sailing may very well have some non-speaking English passengers. But I wouldn't expect it to have any more than a sailing out of Barcelona, Spain; or Venice, Italy. The non-speaking will be minimal in comparison to those that can speak English. Arabic is the official language of Dubai, but English is widely spoken. Their economy may have been built on the oil industry, but it's current business model is similar to Western countries. It's main revenues are now driven by tourism. Dubai is the 8th most visited city in the world. It's the shopping capital of the Middle East with over 70 malls, one being the 7th largest in the world.

Americans need to stop listening to the media. Get educated and start traveling. This fallacy that Americans are so hated all over the world is a bunch of bunk. They might not like some of our Government's policies, but we don't like some of theirs either. It's the Governments policies, not the people they don't like. I have traveled all over the world and never once have felt threatened or unwanted. This includes France. (Such a ridiculous stereotype). When traveling you should respect and embrace the culture you're visiting. You should treat them with respect, just as you would want to be treated in return. Don't be an "Ugly American" expecting everything to be as it is in America. I've never had any problem communicating in a different country. Some can speak English better than others. I do make it a habit to try to learn basic words Hello, Thank You, Please.

There's no reason to feel it's unsafe to travel abroad. The tour operators have even started returning to Egypt. As for personal safety, it's been repeated over and over, that you should always use common sense no matter where you are.