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Originally Posted by Casanova frankenstein View Post
I don't understand this
I have a Cruise already reserved at carnival if you mean that PVP is the person that anwser the phone
I already use differents PVP in just this cruise I already call like 8 times
I just call 1-800-carnival and make the changes with the one that answer and I don't really recall any names with all the bookings I made so far I always use the same method with each one of my cruises.

what I really like to know if this is some form of trying to get your personal info for a identity theft or something like that this sounds a little strange for my taste...
Hey Cas, A PVP means "Personal Vacation Planner". These people work in a different capacity than the regular 1-800 people that answer the general reservation phone line. They are assigned to handle your booking personally. The people that answer the 1-800 general reservation number do not keep up with you personally.

I don't think they are trying to get your personal information, as they would most likely have it already. I think they are just being persistent to keep their people who book through them. I would say clients, but that would be inappropriate as these people do not have an Agency/Client relationship with the guests. They are Employees of Carnival.

An Agent on the other hand is obligated to look after your best interests not the company's. It is called a Fiduciary responsibility under the law. In other words, they have an obligation to look after your best interests.

Sorry to get all technical, but some people really get this confused.

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