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Unhappy Norwegian Jewel in Oct to NE and CAD
We sailed out of NY last Oct aboard Norwegian Jewel to New England/Nova Scotia. The weather was not great and the seas were quite high, with winds at gale force much of the time. Even with that, we had no trouble with motion sickness and I didn't observe any guests having any trouble either. No one was in the pool and maybe a half-dozen hearty souls braved the hot tubs on the days where the sun actually shown and the temps got above 50 The worst part of this particular cruise, tho, was the average age onboard --- had to be 65+ --- so there wasn't the energy and buzz we would have liked in the bars and after-hour scene. Overall it was a pretty 'sleepy' excursion. Very restful, but bordering on boring. The Nova Scotia ports were dreary and uninspiring - and no, there was no fall foliage to behold. We're from the northeast, so that was no big deal for us but I did feel sorry for the folks who may have been disappointed in this. Hope the cruise you've chosen lives up to your expectations.
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