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I need some guidance. I just returned from my honeymoon (14 day carrib on Grand Princess). I had read a number of complaints about this ship right before we left - I called Customer Care and was assured excellent service on an amazing ship. This is my 11th cruise (8 Royal Carrib, 1 Celebrity, & 1 Carnival). This trip was a disaster. It went into a 24 hour dry dock on our return date and they were working on removing/fixing/painting/cutting/welding from day 7 onward to completion of cruise. I have 26 pics that would shock you. Carpet removed, plyboards piled up, sky deck closed, casino closed on day 8 and on and on and on. I dont even know where to begin, and I am debating with myself on seeking an Attorney. I called the Percers desk upon arrival and was told we could not pay for an upgrade because ship was full. I found out that evening that the reason it was "full" was because their was a number of contractors already on board and many received suites. I went and talked to "1st Purser" who said there was a letter mailed to my travel agent stating ship was going to be under const and normal daily activity would not be interupted. One problem, I didnt use an agent. No letter was sent. He then said there was an email problem and not everyone was told. Need I remind you it was our honeymoon??
I called Princess yesterday *day of arrival into Ft Lauderdale, FL - was "promised" I would receive a call back yesterday and of course, no call.
If you have any idea where I begin, who I can email or call (prefer someone who gives a crap and wont pass off to next person)...please help!

thank you....
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