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F-mattox has given you a very good direction. I would only add, your attitude needs to be toned down a little. I understand, and empathize, however....You didn't use a travel agent, who could have explained what would be happening on board prior to drydocking. The casino is being replaced, the Skywalker Lounge is being removed, they are replacing the Plaza deck. There is a tremendous amount of work to be done in 2 weeks time. The contractors, no doubt, had to start early. Did you enjoy your ports of call, did you receive good service from your cabin steward, your waiters, your bartenders, the staff? Did you enjoy your meals? Was there anything positive you can say about your experience? Was your honeymoon something to remember?

If you take your situation to an ombudsman, you must present this calmly and factually. You cannot present it emotionally. If you called corporate ranting, they may have tuned you out. They receive hundreds of calls daily from people claiming all types of harm being thrust upon them from their experiences on board.

As f-mattox states, document your problems. A picture can speak 1000 words, however, if your words deter from the facts, they can be overlooked.

It hurts me deeply that you did not have a wonderful honeymoon on board the Grand Princess. She was the first ship in the Grand class. She was in need of this drydock to bring her into line with the later models in her class. We've always had a great experience on board Princess, the staff/crew/meals/ships are my favorite. I did have a few minor problems on the Caribbean and wrote a letter to corporate. I hope they took my suggestions to heart, but have not been back on the Caribbean to see. I will, one day, and soon I hope.

Please don't think I'm not sympathetic to your problems, I am. I'm just trying to explain that a bit of tact can go a long way. Best wishes in your new life!

I hope you will celebrate many years together and have many more honeymoons!
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