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Default Gps
I know most of you have a GPS in your vehicle. I recently bought one on sale at Christmas. It was a Garmin Nuvi. I found out why it was on sale, they discontinued the model. Oh well, you can still use it.

We tried it out this weekend on our way to Birmingham for the IRL races. I made it really mad. We usually go through Moulton and down to I65 on 157 instead of going through Decatur. Much less traffic and a whole lot less lights. It kept trying to get me to turn to get on Hwy 24 and head to Decatur. I think it recalculated 10 times before I got to Moulton. It still wanted me to get on Hwy 24 and turn left on 157, when you can just continue on CR461 to 157. It got mad at me again. I will say this for the dang thing, it does know most of our little county roads in Alabama.

I'm going to try to update the maps this weekend. According to Garmin's website you can do it once for free, then you have to pay.

Has anyone made their GPS so mad it quit working?
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