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Default Caribbean Princess--what is the demographic?
Hi all,

My first time on the forum. I hope you guys can help me with a decision.

My wife and I are thinking of taking the Caribbean Princess out of New York to Bermuda & the Caribbean this July. We have been on six cruises prior and had a great time on the cruises with Royal, Carnival and Norwegian.

I've read a few reviews about the Caribbean Princess, good and bad. My question is, what crowd is the entertainment geared to? Is it for the younger crowd (20s & 30s) or for the older folks? Is there a hairy chest/legs contest, newlywed games, salsa dancing, dance clubs, etc? I seen people write that the ship is quiet at nights because the crowd is much more older (50s, 60s, 70s etc) and the ship caters to that crowd. I hope I am not offending anyone, but we just like that lively (not stupid crazy) environment around us.

Any help is appreciated.

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