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Default terribly unprofessional
Peter, the owner, was extremely ignorant to my entire group. On both occasions, he was over an hour late and was ignorant to both my wife and the rest of my GROUP OF 34. Wouldn't you think that with the fact that he was making that much money for such a short amount of time, that he would be prompt and cordial? Not only was he late, but both times that he showed up, he forgot that we had a group of 34 and did not bring enough shuttle space for all of us. So instead of doing the right thing and taking care of it, both times he hid around the corner out of sight, so he thought, to make other arrangements. Also, he was going to try to charge us $79 to drive and extra 2 blocks, yes 2 blocks, to pick up another group of people. He was supposed to pick us up at the Comfort Inn in Hollywood FL. When he was late, he hid next door in the parking lot of the Hampton Inn while he tried to fix his screw up. Then he was going to try to charge us another $79 to drive 2 blocks over to the Hyatt. Look at the map for yourself. We travel all the time and have been all over the world, but this is the first person that was soo ignorant that I really wanted to assault him. Spend a little extra money and go with SKS Tours. By the way...when things start to go bad, Peter appears to have a habit of turning off his cell phone so you are unable to contact him. When he drives by you and ignores you, be sure to wave.
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