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Default carnival corporate policy
Just got off freedom and was angry at the way we were treated. We are past guests many times. Carnival recently changed their policy on purchasing liquer off ship. Used to be liquer would be delivered to your stateroom night prior to disembarking. Now, the liquer you purchase onboard is delivered to room but liquer bought off ship you have to go down to 5th floor to retrieve your liquer the morning of debarkation amist all the confusion of people getting off the boat. I went down and line was extremely long and moving at a snails pace. It took me 1 hour. There were alot of folks behind me. Now, thankfully we drove to port everglades. If we had flown and had to catch an early flight we woul of been in a mess because once off ship, on the sidewalk in front of terminal we would of had to repack suitcases. There were alot of people really angry and i'm sure alot were delayed and had the choice of leaving liquer or missing flight. This whole problem could of been rectified by delivering liquer to stateroom the night before but it was carnivals way of controlling where you buy your liquer and punishing you for not buying aboard. This will probably be my last carnival cruise, guests do not need to be controlled/punished by a cruise. Carnival is not only game in town. Was told this was a corporate decision, not popular with staff aboard ship (freedom). Nice going carnival, bonehead move. The idea is to have satisfied guests not ****ed off guests.