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Originally Posted by macmom111 View Post
I would not drive or recommend anyone to drive a car in Cozumel. Traffic laws in Cozumel are just a suggestion. I hate even riding a taxi in Cozumel. it is just crazy.
On one of our stops in cozumel the people at our table rented a car and was stopped by police for speeding, they said they knew they were not speeding, but he said he had to take them to jail to pay the fine. he told them to follow him. few minutes later he stopped told them they were speeding and they could just pay the fine to him, they refused the police told them to follow him again, he did this 3 times. they refused to pay the fine to him
he finally let them go.
I wonder if this man was really the police. I prefer to stay around the populated areas now. We are not in Kansas anymore when we travel. I always considered Cozumel safe, maybe it isn t as safe as I believed.
I have read some scary reports about Mexican police. One would hope they could trust the ports of call the cruise ships visit in Mexico. Maybe it's time to rethink Mexico. I would be interested in how my fellow cruisers feel about this subject.
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