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The price of gas is really going to put a damper on our economy. Unfortunately for me, my oldest daughter just turned 16 and got her permanent driver's license and she can't drive my Mustang with the stick shift, so she only drives my Ford Expedition which gets about 11 mpg in town. Last week cost me an extra $50 just for her to have fun.

Today, we are driving over to Pensacola Beach for a day trip. We live about 124 miles away and the gas alone is going to cost me at least $70. OUCH!!! I won't even mention gas for my boat which cruises at around 3 mpg.

The sad thing is that it is merely speculation that is driving most of this. I remember the good old days when I was in Desert Storm over in Saudi Arabia and gas was 9 cents per liter (that is less than 36 cents per gallon). those prices you could fill your truck for under $10.

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