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It breaks my heart when I read about this in Mexico. I know we have problem areas in the US and Canada, too, but I think we have a little better handle on the situation.

I hope I am able to do the Mexican Riviera itinerary in December, but if not, I will feel that the cruise line has my best interest at heart.

Detroit is a prime example of what crime does to a city. It was once a vibrant area. Now it is a ghost town. No jobs, mainly gangs, a shell of its former self.

These gangs don't care who they hurt, and they are hurting their fellow citizens. If the cruise lines pull out of Mexico, a HUGE part of their economy goes with it. Then the locals who can't beat the gangs will end up joining them. It's a scary situation.

I guess all we can do is stay aware of what is going on, read as much as we can, and use common sense.

I'd hate to see some of the ports removed or Mexico removed totally. However, it wouldn't be the first time it has happened and unfortunately, probably not the last.
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